Barbeque 101

Naturally Great Tasting!!!
Today’s more natural lifestyles embrace fresh, healthful foods, and low- calorie cooking. Our wood products are a 100% natural fuel source that contains no chemicals, additives or preservatives. Our wood eliminates any added calories or fat, but doesn’t compromise an ounce of flavor. Use our natural wood chips to compliment gas and charcoal, or use our wood exclusively with a charcoal grill. Allow your meal to absorb the tantalizing smoke that creates a flavor in the food that will send your tastebuds racing. Barbecue with 100% all natural hardwood and bring the best to your table.

Lighting Instructions
Charcoal Grill – Stack chunks in center of grill and ignite using paper or starter fluid. Add enough chunks to build a strong bed of coals (12-15 pieces), let flame burn down to one inch over grid and apply food.

Gas Grill – Soak chips in water for thirty minutes, then place chips in smoker tray or wrap in heavy duty aluminum foil with holes in the top. Place chips as close to the heat source without touching the ports or the flames. Chips will smoke approximately fifteen minutes.

Flavor Guide