About Us

of Barbeque Wood Flavors

Barbeque Wood Flavors is a Texas family corporation. The stock is owned by George Wartsbaugh, President. It is the only one of the three original chip and chunk processing plants in the United States that is still in business today.

Barbeque Wood Flavors was started in 1984, under the name of Bloomfield Farms and was the first fully integrated, high speed chip and chunk processing system in the U.S. with a year around uniform product capability. It was sold to George Wartsbaugh in 1986 and then to Weber-Stephen Products that same year. The name was changed to Barbeque Wood Flavors after the Weber-Stephen purchase. In 1992, the company was sold back to George Wartsbaugh and in 1994, Barbeque Wood Flavors acquired Flying W Wood Products, which was also one of the three original wood producers in the United States.


Barbeque Wood Flavors is the largest and most experienced private labeler of natural wood in the industry. As a company, we are committed to a clean product, customer satisfaction, and minimal lead times. We are a producer of chunks, chips and bits for outside barbecuing and carry flavors consisting of mesquite, hickory, apple, alder, cherry and pecan.


Barbeque Wood Flavors houses two facilities; a processing plant and a packaging plant.


An 8,000 sq. ft building houses a fully automated processing plant, with conveyors transporting wood to a patent chunker and standardized chipper. The product travels over (two) triple screen shakers for size separation and then is kiln dried to kill insects and to extract moisture; below 16%.


A 15,000 sq. ft. building houses the packaging plant, which consists of electronic bagging machines where the product is weighed, bagged, sealed and weighed again before it is packed, put on a pallet, stretch wrapped and double stacked to await shipping.

Barbeque Wood Flavors has built its business on quality, reliability, service and competitive pricing. We do not have the word “can’t” in our vocabulary and will do whatever it takes to resolve any situation.